Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Why is this country determined to be socialist?

Aside from the unmasked instance of unadulterated socialism President Roosevelt's committee on economic security under Edwin E. Witte dumped on our heads by drafting the Social Security Act passed by Congress in 1935 as part of the "New Deal." This country has managed to stick to the capitalist fundamentals that created our economy and facilitated the free enterprise system that we all enjoy for a very long time. However, more and more I'm seeing a malignant trend eating away at the fabric of our economy that should sicken any intelligent American who cares about their own livelihood.

The undercurrent of Socialism and Communism in this country right now is growing. Do you remember Al Gore's plan to use the budget surplus to purchase a "package" of services for "every American"? That, my friend, was the most communist idea I've heard of in a long time. Communism always carries the same message: "The government can make everyone equal." The fact is that hundreds of years of history proves that it won't work. Who decides what equal is? Who decides how this "equality" will be achieved? Answer: not you or I. The government decides how you will spend your money. Sure heath insurance for every American sounds good, but you have to ask.. Who's gonna pay for that? You know that vacation you've been planning, what if the government said, "Sorry you can't take your family on vacation because you have to pay for the unemployed guy down the street's health insurance this month, and by the way how irresponsible of you to take your family on vacation when there are non-taxpaying citizens who can't afford to pay for their oxycontin." Just wait until you decide to buy a new family car but the government decides to raise the "Prescription Security Tax" again, because they just can't seem to pay for all the painkillers, tranquilizer, and antidepressants being prescribed to people with government issue health insurance. But you're right, communism is the answer to all our problems. I mean, if we can't trust our government to take care of us then who can we trust, right? I mean look how well the postal service works, you couldn't ask for happier, more efficient workers than that! I don't know about you, but I'm not ready to turn my right of choice over to a government who doesn't even understand what a percentage means (IRS tax table).

Or how about Socialism? That works right? I mean, if the government owned all the hospitals, wouldn't they be able to make sure that Doctors don't get paid too much and that heath care costs stay low? Can't you just see it now, America's best and brightest college students will line up to become doctors at hospitals where the "Federal Bureau of Medical Services" has to approve an allergy shot. And they won't mind working 70 to 80 hours a week for government employee wages. The number of patients and the hours worked per week would have to increase due to this new affordable health care. Salaries, the quality of diagnostic tools and other equipment would have to decrease to facilitate these new low prices for patients. Doesn't that just make you dream of becoming a doctor? Oh well, maybe the government won't cut doctor salaries, maybe they'll just offset the cost by taxing working class Americans. That might work. If you think of the US Postal service as a model of government efficiency, can you really say that you want an overworked, underpaid, undertrained doctor who has had just about all he can take of the "red tape" and the bureaucracy of Socialized Medicine, wondering why he ever decided to be a doctor and if he's trapped in this life as he reaches for a scalpel to begin your quadruple bypass surgery?

The bottom line is that Communism can't make people equal, but it can slowly destroy the will of every worker in an economy because every dime they work for goes to help someone else and no matter how hard they work they never see any personal benefit from it. So why try?

Socialism is a lie. It has no benefit to anyone involved but the government. Why then are so many politicians pushing Socialism on ignorant voters? Hmmmm Let's see, 1). Socialism transfers ownership and control to the government. 2). The businesses/economies controlled by the government do not become more productive. 3). All the money from said business/economy is channeled through the government. (Through salaries, taxes, etc.)
It seems that Government is the only one who benefits in this scenario....Could that be why the politicians push it so much?


At 7:47 AM, Blogger Billy said...

Great write up, Man. You did your homework on this one. {sarcasm} I can't wait until we are a model for Canadian health care! {/sarcasm}

At 7:58 AM, Blogger Matt Helms said...

Speaking of Canadian Health Care?.... How's that working? :P I wish there were some statistics about the quality of their care available.

At 6:47 PM, Blogger Clay said...

Everyone equal? What a pipe dream. Every one is not equal and will never be. Everyone is not equal in intelligence acumen, or athletic ability, or height, or eye color, or hair type, or musical ability, or artistic ability etc.

Besides these inequalities, consider this possibility. I believe that if you took all of the money from everyone and redistributed it equally among everyone, it would only be a matter of time before the wealthy were wealthy again.

The Government can't fix anything. It only exists to bleed the people of thier money and dignity.

Communism and its twin brother Socialism won't work. This has been proven by history.

Government of the people and by the people will work.

People of the Government by the Government will not.

Good post man. You're dead on. If it was up to me, I would ensure that we removed FDR from the dime and replaced him with a President more true to America like Reagan.

But, that's just me.

At 7:47 AM, Blogger Matt Helms said...

You're right Clay, good post. I would like to add that Government exsist to settle disputes (monopolies, interstate commerce) and protect us from threat. The threat of crime, and war. But anyone who has studied economics would know that when government starts fooling with peoples money, it always results in corruption and inefficiency.

Also forcing people to be equal when they aren't, quences the human potential. One person's exception in a certain area pushes the limits of what we believed was possible and creates a platform for innovation and invention.

At 3:12 PM, Blogger Clay said...

I agree. I posted on my blog last night where I mentioned your blog post and gave a link to your post.
I like the coherent way you argued your point against socialism. I don't think you left anything unsaid. A leftist might cling to his socialist security blanket but it certainly won't be because of sound reason. I'm adding you to my blog roll. Keep up the good work!


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